The purpose of this website is to promote the CLM as well as a collaborative learning environment where all professionals are lifted in their literacy instruction.

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Grade One Literacy Workshop

Teachers engaged in professional development around purposeful planning using the common core state standards.  Our main charge was to understand the procedural framework of the reading mini-lesson and the importance of it in our day.

Through this work, teachers unpacked the common core state standards to determine mini-lesson teaching points and how notice how these standards can be taught in other areas throughout the literacy block.


Fort Atkinson Middle School Language Arts Department Visits Barrie & Rockwell Elementary

On Tuesday, May 20th, the entire Fort Atkinson Middle School Language Arts Department visited Barrie and Rockwell Elementary to see CLM in action.  This visit was powerful as it provided time for us to collaborate and have dialogue around what literacy instruction looks like in our elementary schools as we work to bridge the transition between elementary and secondary literacy instruction.  We were able to showcase mini-lessons, literature discussion groups using electronic texts on Kindles and iPads, and the organization of our classrooms focusing on anchor charts, classroom libraries, and whole-group/small-group instructional spaces.  We were thrilled to be able to spend the afternoon together as we collectively strive to be responsive to students' needs as we evaluate the vertical alignment of our instructional programming in literacy. Special thanks to Dr. Rob Abbott, Kim Anderson, Leanne Bongers, Megan Gang, Ann Gladem, Tom Jonas, Karen Neuser, Erin Riechers, and Kari Spiwak for visiting from FAMS as well as to Holly Andrews, Sherry Pfeifer, Julie Recob, and Leah Schroeder at Barrie Elementary for spotlighting their classrooms and Lindsey Carey, Julie Keating, Shawn McDonough, and Julie Westcott for spotlighting their classrooms at Rockwell.  


2013-2014 Literacy Coachees Recognized at Board of Education Meeting

On Thursday, May 15th, the 2013-2014 Literacy Coachees were recognized at the Board of Education Meeting to celebrate the growth and success they experienced with CLM during their intensive year of coaching and professional development.  Their students are the direct beneficiaries of their dedication to providing high-quality literacy instruction as they have seen them grow and accelerate as readers and writers this year.  The 2013-2014 Coaching Cohort included Patty Snyder, Barrie - Grade K, Julie Recob, Barrie - Grade 5, Tammy Kuehl, Luther - Grade 1, Caitlyn Thiess, Luther - Grade 3, Andrea Kratz, Purdy - Grade K, Lucas Springstroh, Purdy - Grade 4, Nicole Schafer, Rockwell - Grade K, and Lindsey Carey, Rockwell - Grade 5.  




Another Visit from Waukesha School District

On Tuesday, April 29th, Barrie Elementary hosted staff from the Waukesha School District so they could see how the Comprehensive Literacy Model functions seamlessly in our schools in Grades K-5.  The Waukesha staff was able to observe the instructional frameworks of Interactive Writing, Writer's Workshop Mini-Lessons, Reader's Workshop Mini-Lessons, Shared Reading, Words Study, Guided Reading, and Literature Discussion Groups in action. They were also able to see how we utilize teacher and student resources within the model to enhance our instruction as well as how we integrate technology within the model using iPads, Google Chrome Books, and Kindles.  

Special thanks to Patty Snyder, Kelly Ramirez, Therese Okray, Kaaren Adams, Sherry Pfeifer, Holly Andrews, and Julie Recob for spotlighting the great teaching and learning that happens in their classrooms every day!  Barrie Elementary Principal Brent Torrenga was proud and humbled to share the great literacy experiences that happen everyday! 




Grades 3-5 Nonfiction Guided Reading Core Text Team - HARD AT WORK!

In response to the changes with text complexity benchmarks and the rigor of the Common Core State Standards, we are committed to teaching from high-quality text to facilitate purposeful guided reading instruction to accelerate students' reading achievement.  To help us accomplish this, the district recently purchased 40 new titles of nonfiction texts to be used by readers in Grades 3-5 and will be available in every book room in each of the four elementary buildings.

To enhance instruction with these texts, a group of educators volunteered to serve on a curriculum team to develop guided reading planners.  These planners align with our guided reading instructional framework and help to scaffold and ease the process of planning.  This way teachers can spend more time reflecting on formative data and select pertinent teaching points that are responsive to students' needs as readers.   When creating the planners, teachers used three Fountas & Pinnell resources to guide their work: the Continuum for Literacy Learning, Prompting Guide 2 for Comprehension, and the Nonfiction Prompting Guide.  Each guided reading planner includes the following features:
  • text level
  • genre, theme, text structure and language/literacy features to highlight and provide scaffolds as needed
  • 100-word count for running records
  • a summary/gist of the text
  • vocabulary to preview
  • 3 more possible teaching points for within, about, and beyond the text linked to Common Core State Standards
  • 3 writing prompts for phase 2 / day 2 
Special thanks to Jennifer Soehner, Barb Martin, Lindsey Carey, Holly Andrews, Denise Engstrom, Bobbi Recob, Lucas Springstroh, Ashley Stevens, Melissa Zwiebel, and Candice Johnson for serving on this curriculum team.  Special thanks also to Corey Fritsch from the district technology department for creating a special database to write and store the planners.  The new database will be unveiled to staff at the beginning of next school year and will provide teachers with the ability to search for texts and literacy planners based on teaching points, genres, or text levels.  Many exciting things continue to happen with literacy and CLM in Fort Atkinson!